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"Let the peace of Christ rule in your hearts, since as members of one body you were called to peace. And be thankful." -Colossians 3:15

Give Thanks

The above verse has so many levels of understanding. First it's about peace. Not just any peace, a peace that can really only come from Christ Jesus being in your heart. Next it talks of being of one body. This implies we are to work together in life. No one is alone and we have responsibility to live life that way. Lastly and my focus, we are to live with gratitude in our hearts.

It's really easy to be negative. Commercials are negative, TV shows are negative, songs are negative, and people are negative. A lot of times I find people are negative because they are not happy with the current situations they are in. Maybe they want more money, better looks, bigger or better this or that. Maybe they can't stand the president. Maybe they're negative simply because they don't know any different.

I challenge you to be positive. Not out of your own will. You can't muster up a positive attitude on your own for very long. Make a list, take pictures or simply take time to reflect on the good things God has placed in and around you. Ask God for an understanding of gratitude. Ask Him in prayer for help inside your heart to truly change for gratefulness.

My daughter may have Spina Bifida but she is alive. There are days I simply hate Spina Bifida, but those are the days I need a gratitude adjustment. Her life itself is something to be thankful for. My life and very breath is something to be thankful for.

Around Thanksgiving we tend to talk gratitude a lot. Instead of being thankful for things you already are (ie your husband, kids, friends, house) I implore you to be thankful for just one day for things you normally don't notice. Maybe be thankful for your body; toes, feet, legs, bowels, bladder, heart, stomach, ears, eyes, teeth, etc. Maybe thank God for the person who has been rotten to you because without those awful words you wouldn't know who you really are. Maybe be grateful for working water, heat and electricity.

I don't know what God is speaking to your heart about gratitude, but take some time please to start living a thankful life. Maybe if we are more grateful we won't have moments like road rage, back biting, or times we yell at our kids. Gratitude is more than just words it's a way of life. Will you take the challenge?

Jenni Blye

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