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The mission of Radiant Church is “To know Christ, to become like Him and to mobilize His people for Kingdom Service."  


We consider the act of “mobilizing” missionaries & ministries a privilege & calling for Radiant Church. 


We give 15% of all tithes and offerings to missions (local & foreign) each year. 

We take 2 special offerings on top of that:

  • One for the Persecuted Church, and

  • The second for the particular needs of our Missions Partners

Each year the Missions Committee reviews & decides on our mission's commitments for the upcoming year. We pursue ministry relationships that are on a first name basis and look for partnerships with like-hearted people who share a similar passion and vision for ministry.  

Ministry Partnerships of Radiant Church

Changing lives at Home and Abroad

Hope Ministries

Hope Mission helps the homeless and addicted find a new life off the streets in South Bend.  They feed over 100 people daily.  Radiant Church purchases, prepares and serves the residents of Hope and those living on the street a dinner on the 2nd Friday of each month.

Women's Care Center

Women's Care Center is a ministry to women in Michiana who are in crisis over being pregnant.  The center offers medical assistance, vitamins, counseling, clothing, education, and many more services. Ellen Summer is the director and our ministry contact.

Indiana Right to Life

Indiana Right to Life is a Pro-life advocate for the unborn among the Indiana state legislature.

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Samuel and Sandra Gutierus

Samuel and Sandra minister to the Cofanes Tribe in the jungles of Northern Ecuador.

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Pan de Vida/Oscar & Lori Aguirre

The Aguirres work with Pan De Vida, a non-profit ministry founded 20 years ago in Quito, Ecuador. Pan de Vida is dedicated to serving and empowering people living poverty to reach their God given potential.

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Jairo and Susana Oliva

Jairo and Susana are missionaries to the communities of Sucua, in the Amazon jungle of Ecuador. They also teach classes to the students of the Ethnos Bible Seminary.


Sergio & Kathy Scataglini

Sergio Scataglini is an international speaker and author. He is the Founder and President of Scataglini Ministries, Inc. He and his wife Kathy were former pastors in Argentina and now reside in the U.S. and head ComunioNet, speaking around the world in person as well as vitrually. God has given Sergio a ministry to impart to others a passion for a life of holiness.

Pastor Zhoro & Mariyana Penchev

Pastor Zhoro and Marianna Penchev are the founders of New Life Ministry and minister to the Roma people in Bulgeria, Turkey, and Greece.

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North Central Indiana Adult & Teen Challenge

Adult & Teen Challenge's mission is to assist teens and adults in gaining freedom from addiction and walk in recovery through Christ.

Seed of Hope

Sudheer Kumar is the president of EARE (Seed of Hope in the US) Ministries, which carries the compassion of Jesus to the hidden places and unreached people of India.


Compassion For Africa

The mission of CFA is to birth a new future for abandoned and orphaned children in Kenya and Uganda by providing love, food, faith, and education.

Sean and Lydia H.

Sean and Lydia serve with Hope Unlimited Church in urban church planting, pastoring, and children's ministries in Hyderabad, India. Involved in teaching ministry for many years, Sean has a heart for training and equipping believers from all walks of life to find, understand, and fulfill God's purposes for their lives. The work in Hyderabad has a vision for mobilizing these believers for outreach to surrounding rural towns and villages, where 70% of India's 1.3 billion people live.

Light to Israel

Mike and Angela Hersche are based in Israel's upper Galilee region in the Jordan Valley, where they have lived and worked for over 16 years ministering to the Jewish people.



For over 30 years, Pat Magley has invested in the lives of boys and girls. Through basketball, bible studies, and being present, Pat and his team have helped young men embrace fathering and their Heavenly Father through sports.

Convoy of Hope

Convoy of Hope distributes large scale provision and faith into difficult parts of the world.

Give Hope 2 Kids/The Furrows

Jason and Sarah Furrow founded GiveHope2Kids in 2006.  They serve as the directors of a Children's Home in rural Honduras, giving a home and family to orphaned and abandoned kids.  THeir ministry has expanded to include education and outreach for the extended community and self-sustainability through agriculture.

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Pam Mollette will be serving with the Furrow family in Honduras for a year.

Crozier Life

Ryan and Andria Crozier are ministering in Romania toward the prevention of human trafficking. They have developed their own education outreach to teens in that country. They are also highly effective at linking the various ministries dealing with human trafficking into a common network of cooperation.

SPA/ Sandra Bontrager

Pastor Sandra Bontrager is the founder of SPA, an educational and faith-based residential home that offers women in Northern Indiana a safe environment to make positive and permanent life changes.  SPA is a Christ-centered, comprehensive treatment program that empowers women to address the root causes of life-controlling issues and addictions in order to live productive lives of recovery.

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Right to Life Michiana

Right to Life Michiana is dedicated to promoting life through education and advocacy.


Serving the St. Joseph county jail.

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