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Sunday Format

We are a presence-based church, which highly values hosting the Holy Spirit among us. We encourage people to move with the current of what God is doing when we gather together. We provide a setting that encourages people to participate in the gathering.  We have an open format where input and questions are invited. Our teaching style encourages both during the sermon.  We also encourage testimonies, spiritual gifts, and concerts of prayer.


We greatly value the experience of community as we meet together and spend extended time in fellowship. Our church is informal but people are free to dress however they desire.​



We begin our Sundays with prayer which is open to all at 9 A.M. upstairs in the lounge.  During this time we come before the Lord to honor Him, and pray for discernment and anointing while aligning ourselves afresh to His purposes.


During Worship
Prayer ministry also occurs every Sunday during worship.  Trusted prayer leaders who have demonstrated Biblical wisdom and the anointing of the Holy Spirit for prayer ministry are there to help people receive from the Lord. Only those people who have been designated by the Radiant Church Pastors and Core Leaders will be released for prayer ministry. 


Our prayer teams will minister regarding specific concerns presented to them along with requests for salvation, reconciliation, wisdom, healing, and deliverance.

For Parents

We know that families need to grow together into a deeper knowledge and devotion to Christ. We desire to empower parents to accomplish this with their children.  We believe in the ability of children to discern the things of God simply by being in an atmosphere of worship where our attention and affections are being drawn to Jesus. 

Therefore we ask that children stay with their parents during the first two songs of worship so you can enter into worship as a family.  It may also be beneficial for parents to bring things for children that will occupy them quietly. If a child creates a disturbance during the service, we ask that the parent take the child from the service until they are quieted to the upstairs lounge where you can hear the service and care for your child. At a designated time in the service, children (2 to 11 year-olds) will go to Children's Church with Miss Joyce to learn age-appropriate Biblical truth.

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