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To know Christ, become like Him, and mobilize His people for Kingdom service.

We will accomplish our mission in the context of Christian community where His Word, His Spirit, and His people are flourishing.  It was once said that the greatest gifts a parent can give to a child are roots and wings.  At Radiant, we desire to bestow and enhance these same gifts.  The invitation to know Jesus intimately and more fully is available for every person.  In this relationship, deep roots are established and transformation occurs.  Thus discipleship is the process of becoming like Christ in devotion, character, conduct, and service.  For this purpose we were called. (Romans 8:29)  Wings are to put us in motion, to cause us to fly further and higher in our lives and for the purpose of the Kingdom of God.  As we train and encourage people to discover and utilize their gifts, they are mobilized.  At Radiant Church our focus is not to grow a ministry, but to grow people.


At Radiant Church, we believe there is One true and living God who is the heavenly Father and creator of all things; Jesus the Son of God, who being the Savior and the Messiah has been exalted to the right hand of God; and the Holy Spirit who is the Spirit of God by whom we must be born into the Kingdom and who functions as the ultimate teacher of believers. The Bible is the authoritative Word of God and the basis for all our beliefs and doctrines. 

Culture of Honor

At Radiant Church, we are committed to demonstrate a "Culture of Honor" in our community of faith.  We acknowledge this is a process and will take ongoing focus and commitment to live out these values.  The description of this "Culture of Honor" has been adapted for Radiant Church from a seminar presented by Danny Silk as he spoke on the topic at Bethel Church in 2010.

Community with 'One Another'

At Radiant Church, we are committed to fulfilling the 'One Another' mandates in scripture that truly define what Christian Community looks like.  We acknowledge this too is a process and will take ongoing focus and commitment to live out these values, but through the Holy Spirit in us, we will pursue to live these out in order to build a strong, Christ-like community that will reflect Jesus to one another and the world around us, thus bringing glory to God here on earth. 

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